A ground breaking new complex for 35 000 citizens is being built by the lake Kallavesi in the heart of Kuopio. Savilahti is one of the most versatile urban development projects in Finland. The area will be transformed into an innovative centre of science and business combining cutting edge expertise with pleasant living and leisure in a magnificent lake nature environment.

In the 2020s the number of students in Savilahti will reach 15 000. The area will provide jobs for 16 000 experts and homes for 7 000–8 000­ residents. The total investment is estimated at 1,5–2 billion euros paying off as new business opportunities, services, citizen wellbeing and improved quality of life.


  • The most significant urban development project and a strategic top-priority project for the city of Kuopio
  • One of the most extensive urban planning and development projects in Finland
  • New city district with innovative and intelligent sustainable urban planning solutions
  • New kinds of working, learning and living environments for even 35 000 people by the year 2030
  • New business opportunities and services
  • Cutting-edge, comfortable and healthy area for residents, students, workers and researchers
  • Improved quality of life, increased well-being


In Savilahti everyone can make intelligent choices in all aspects of life.


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