Community is Savilahti’s driving force – a vision shared by actors in the area

Actors in Savilahti have constructed a common vision acknowledging joint intent and commitment to developing the potential of Savilahti. The vision work facilitates diverse opportunities created by collaboration and proves that the Savilahti story is being created together.

Actors in Savilahti have collaborated closely ever since the beginning of the Savilahti project. In spring 2018 the need to highlight the shared goals was recognized. Vision work was seen as a tool for deepening collaboration, and development of functional content of the area was given priority.

Workshops, questionnaires and assignments have been used to work on the vision themes with the goal to devise guidelines for developing Savilahti into the most attractive learning and innovation environment in Europe.

The vision comprises three main themes: unique combination, together we are more and inspiring environment. The unique combination is an expression of the unparalleled environment of Savilahti where work, entrepreneurship and education together with housing and leisure intermingle. Together we are more accentuates sense of community as the strength of Savilahti. By collaborating we are greater than the sum of our parts. Inspiring environment is the third of the core themes. When the entire environment stimulates inspiration, common spaces are transferred into places where new ideas thrive. In Savilahti, every interaction is seen as an opportunity. Internationality, health & wellbeing along with sustainable city are the cross-cutting themes of the vision. 

The vision work has been acknowledged as an important link between the actors in the area. A lot has already been achieved in Savilahti. The next phase will witness how the vision will be transformed from a written page into real life when the Savilahti forum consisting of actors in the area begins to work on a concrete plan. The vision will serve as a source of inspiration in generating shared novel ideas and measures for the development of Savilahti!