Blues queen Erja Lyytinen will play a gig from the rooftop of Novapolis in Savilahti

World-famous blues guitarist and singer/songwriter Erja Lyytinen will be playing a very special live streaming gig in Kuopio on June 27, 2020 at 6pm. The concert will be played and streamed worldwide in unprecedented environment, on the rooftop of Novapolis in Savilahti, Kuopio. The roof of the 16-storey building offers a breathtaking view of lake Kallavesi shimmering  behind the forests, not to mention the iconic Puijo Tower in the background. The concert will be free of charge.

The purpose of the livestream concert is to offer residents of Kuopio and the fans of Lyytinen around the world a completely new, unique musical experience and to create feeling of togetherness during these exceptional times. The concert also aims to support local entrepreneurship after a challenging spring and to present Finnish summer at its best and thus inspire people to domestic tourism.

The blues queen is enthusiastically looking forward to the concert:

–  This is definitely going to be one of my most memorable gigs! It’s amazing to get to perform from the rooftop, in the same style as the legendary Beatles 50 years ago, Lyytinen rejoices.

–  We are going to play an energetic and relaxed gig. As a big bonus, we get to present the stunning landscapes of Kuopio. I, for one, would like to watch that kind of gig myself!

Lyytinen, one of Europe's leading blues guitarists, has a strong and committed audience both in her homeland and abroad. Through the livestream concert, also the international audience can now take a peek into her hometown.

– It is great to be able to offer this kind of experience not only to the local audience, of course, but also to international listeners who are enthusiastic about our music.

Lyytinen says that she proudly introduces her hometown to her foreign fans.

– We certainly have listeners for whom the Kuopio landscape is special to watch. From Novapolis, the scenery is stunning in every direction. Clear blue skies, green forests and clean waters are not taken for granted all over the world.

–  Forests are, as a matter of fact, my favorite landscape in Kuopio. Still, when I visit the city, it’s important for me to get to walk in the woods.

The musician describes Kuopio as her second home.

– I have lived in Helsinki for over 20 years, but still my hometown is where my heart is. My family and relatives also live in Kuopio.

– It's really nice to come back to perform in my hometown. Many things have changed in Kuopio over the years and a lot of good development has taken place, such as the Novapolis business area. Kuopio has grown a lot since the 80's and is now a vibrant student city. On the other hand, a lot of the things I have loved and a lot of the things that are familiar for me have fortunately survived. The people of Kuopio have the kind of relaxedness and easiness I sometimes miss when I’m abroad.


Erja Lyytinen & Band: Free live stream 27 June 6pm on the rooftop of Novapolis.



Picture: Tiia Santavirta